Tuesday, November 20, 2012

expert FOUNDATION tips

yep, it doesn't have to look like a mask. 
When applied properly it can actually make skin look brighter, more even, and more youthful. 

Here is how the experts do it: 
* Choose a liquid foundation — it's more moisturising and less likely to cake than a cream or powder-on.

 * Test shades on your jawline, in natural light. 

* Before applying, always use moisturiser {makeup blends more easily on moist skin}.

* Blend different shades of foundation over your face to create a subtle contour. Use a lighter shade under your eyes, on the centre of your forehead, and on your chin. Then use a darker shade around the hairline, along your jawline, neck and cheeks - then blend everything together.

* Use a makeup sponge. Use it dry if you want full coverage; damp {wet it and squeeze it} if you want a sheer result.

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