Monday, February 18, 2013

how to choose the best HIGHLIGHTS for YOUR HAIR

But did you know that there are several different types of salon highlights, each of which flatters 
certain hair types or shades? 
Here's the inside lingo and what to ask for at the salon...

Foil highlights. Even if you've never had highlights, you're probably familiar with this approach. It's ideal for women with fine hair, since the dye bulks up strands, while the increased dimension creates 
the illusion of fuller hair.

Balayage. Want highlights that don't look like, well, highlights? This technique, in which the dye is painted on by hand (meaning no foils), is especially flattering on women with curly or wavy hair to create natural-looking streaks. On each section of hair, the colour is applied lightly at the roots and gradually gets brighter toward the ends, which mimics the way hair would be lightened by the sun. 
It also makes for less obvious roots as the colour grows out.

Slicing. When you really don't want to look like you've been to a salon, this is the most subtle way to brighten your shade. These super-thin highlights are woven under the top layer of hair so the colour peeks through. They're a great option for someone who doesn't want to be in the salon every six weeks for touch-ups, since there are no obvious roots as the colour grows out.

Ribbons. Also called "blue ribbon highlights," these are ideal for natural blondes. The highlights are created with a tint instead of bleach, so they're gentler on the hair and create a less intense shade of blonde.

{Source: Allure Pic: Pinterest}

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