Friday, December 20, 2013


If you’re not happy, change it – you and only you, are in charge of your happiness! 
To speak negative words, you must be thinking them, so think positive.
Change your thoughts and change what you say!
Make up your own personal positive mantra which you say each day. 
Sure you’ll feel funny at first but making a daily pledge is a reminder of your inner strength and gradually words will change the way you think, and feel.
: )


LINDA from OEKE said...

You always have the best of everything - always varied, always spot on. Tonight, as I read this, I am going to put my thinking cap on for a happiness-mantra. I am about to lose my favourite, longest and absolutely best client in a few months due to changes in the business world, and I am consumed by unhappiness. Not for the loss of money they give me, but for the creative freedom and (as they are all girls in their marketing team) friendship )-:

(note; thanks for letting me get that off my chest)

bellaMUMMA {nikki yazxhi} said...

Oh lady, I can totally relate!!!!
i'm putting some positive power out there for you {us} - because as I say 'good things happen to good people' SO something will turn around and it WILL be good!
N x

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, drew on happiness when a sales assistant asked me if the daughter i was buying a Tshirt for "i'm guessing, your daughter is 20". Nice way to spend your 36th birthday!! I was a young mother, not THAT young!! Love Posie

Mande said...

Thinking positively right now. Thank you for this. It is just what the Dr. ordered. Things have been stressful at our home lately.
The sun is shining, & life is good! xo

3windows said...

Oh Just what I needed .... a dose of bella mumma happiness .....being a new mum & self employed I have been feeling over whelmed & a bit down ... & needed this little reminder to spin these negative thoughts on their head ..... love ya & ya blog !X

bellaMUMMA {nikki yazxhi} said...

: ) x