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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

bella sponsor: CHA-CHING {simplify your finances}

before they approached me about being a bella sponsor! So when they wanted to come onboard, 
I felt it was the perfect synergy ~ here's why...

Cha-Ching is Australia’s first personal financial management website designed specially for women. It's a safe and secure site that will simplify the way you manage your finances so you can spend more time on the things that matter. It's a pretty amazing concept/website and their 'My Money Manager' is perfection if {like me} you struggle to keep on top of all your bills.

My Money Manager is Cha-Ching’s exclusive feature, which once you're a member, allows you to view all your accounts, credit cards, savings accounts, investments, superannuation, rewards, bills and mortgages
all in one place. Genius!

My Money Manager also gives you a clear snap-shot of what you're spending so you can see the big picture, create a spending plan, track your goals and get more from your money,  here's how:

You instantly get a complete snapshot of your spending by category, such as bills, groceries,
and food and entertainment.

You get a better view of your monthly finances and manage their spending by creating a spending plan.

You receive an alert when you have reached or exceed your budget goals.

You can set savings goals for a home loan deposit, holiday, new computer, shopping and retirement.

You can calculate your net worth.

Cha-Ching also has diverse line-up of financial experts to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your money, learn about financial management and achieve your financial goals.

{The video above explains it all - probably a little better than me!}

BUT WAIT, there's more good news: 
CLICK HERE to register to become a Cha-Ching member {it's FREE},
leave your best money saving tip
~ and you could WIN a $1,000 Westfield shopping gift card.

+ visit www.cha-ching.com.au for more details on how you can simplify your finances 

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